#67 Camp Cope: Running With the Hurricane

Look out boys I’m on fire and I’m not going out

Running With the Hurricane

I know a lot of my fans (I see you) have been asking what my officially licensed catchphrase is, and I just now want to confirm that it is that.

If you’ll just allow me to shit on Beyoncé a little more…

What? No, I promise, just, like, a tiny bit more, yeah? Then I’ll stop. Probably. Just give me this, please, I have so little else to live for aside from kicking against the parasitic class when they attempt to have their cake and buy it, by enjoying all the benefits of a crooked and criminal economic system, and yet also wish to siphon of the liberal clout of raging against the machine. Well, whatever, I’m gonna do it anyway. What are you even doing here, Mum? I told you to stop reading my blog when you found the erotic allusions brought to mind in my Jaden Smith review “worrying”.

I’d just like to note that Camp Cope began recording the followup to their incredible 2018 breakthrough ‘How to Socialise & Make Friends‘ in 2019, before there was this kind of virus thing that totally bummed out a lot of people for a while. Yeah, I can see your shocked faces, you actually might not have heard of it if you live in the UK or USA, as those governments didn’t really give a shit. Have you noticed that all your grandparents are dead now? Yeah, this is why. When that pandemic changed every working person’s priorities (Beyoncé says she was “At her most productive” during the pandemic, so good for her), Camp Cope frontperson Georgia Maq decided to utilise the nursing degree that she just happened to have gained in 2016 in order to help vaccinate Melbourne’s residents. “I was like, ‘Okay, I should probably do something, and be useful to other people”. Because she is a class hero, not a class traitor.

Yeah, sure, Beyoncé‘s charity donated $500’000 to people facing eviction because of COVID, but considering the financial hit she would have to take that’s the equivalent of you or I donating a tenner to a donkey sanctuary, and we don’t get the world media fawning over us when we do that. Also, that money is tax deductible so she probably broke even. Also, she is a major contributor to the societal structure that produces homelessness. Also, I’ll stop talking about Bey now…

She’s probably antivax as well, isn’t she? She just seems the type…

As well as presenting an opportunity to really get amongst the people and provide essential support, the whole Global Fucker thing also presented Camp Cope with the opportunity to reassess how they focus their art. “Before when we’d made records, it was just like, ‘Let’s just record us live so that when people see us live, they won’t be disappointed.’ This was more like, ‘Well, we’re all gonna die of coronavirus, so let’s just try to make something quite beautiful’ “. While the band had always previously been a ‘power emo’ force of nature peppered with barbed screams and well defined angst. And, yeah, I have to mention abuse again, like I seemingly have to on every female artist. How come whenever people say they are “Sick of the bloody #MeToo thing, innit?” it’s always from the position of arguing women should stop pointing out when they’re being abused? Why is it never “Gosh, us men really need to make that extra bit of effort to stop sexually assaulting people”? Ugh, fucking gross. But the point is, there’s less of that now.

I mean, less of it in the music. There’s still loads of abuse. Like, everywhere. Hey, if you’re a woman, there’s a 34% chance that you’re being sexually assaulted right now! As you’re reading this post!! God bless the patriarchy!

Wait… is her tattoo an advert for her Instagram…??

The album’s mission statement of “We could have gotten even angrier and even harder, but we didn’t. We went the opposite way because we refused to let the world harden us”  is fine, and absolutely the best way of protecting your mental health, but I’m not sure if it creates the best art. ‘RWTH’ is… lovely… but…

It’s a far more mature and adult collection of generally mid paced AOR, and at the very least pays its respects to mid 90s American rock to far greater success than Soccer Mommy [Alanis Morissette has entered the chat], I just feel that one of Camp Cope’s (and solo Georgia Maq’s) great talents was to powerfully yet wittily convey intense fury, and also to document wider culture’s grossest ills. I’m glad they’re happy (I hope they’re happy…), I’m happy they survived the pandemic, I’m happy that they managed to make this valid artistic statement (I’m overjoyed that it contains their greatest ever song, which we’ll discuss in the Legit Bosses), but as a fan I’m a little disappointed that some of the teeth have been sanded off this gloriously rapid dog.


2018 #35

Metacritic: 80

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