Hey, I made you a mixtape
(Work hard, get my body-body weak)
Because when I feel you, I feel me
(Love play called hide and seek)
And when I feel me, it feels good
(That’s why I’ve been standing in the bright lights, for you)
(You wanna get a bit of my mystique-stique?)
I’m still that mysterious bitch
(Play ooh-là-là, très chic)
‘Cause no one does it like I do
(Gets lonely in a studio week)
I keep it moving, keep on dancing
(Think about you all week)
For you

Ride the Dragon

Oh my fuckin God. Don’t you just love that for her? Yes, Twigs, fucking yes. You slay, babe, you slay.

I think it’s fair to say that Ms Twigs has had a lot to deal with in the last few years. There was her struggles with fibroid tumours, and the “fruit bowl of pain” the experience necessitated. Formally a rather reserved an private artist who was extremely cautious with how much of her personal life she revealed to the press, her honest and unashamed opening up about her medical struggles was amazing brave. And, yes, dumb fat knacker males such as myself weren’t even previously aware of the condition, so her honesty and openness was important.

She also opened up in 2021 about the depressingly predictable racist abuse she was forced to endure while she was dating Twilight fans’ “White Prince Charming” Robert Pattison:

 If I was going through that now, I feel like I’d be able to talk about it, and do some good with it. But I don’t know whether it was because of my age or whether it was because of the social climate or whether it was because being Black and from Cheltenham and from a low-income family and having to genuinely work twice as hard as everything I do to get a seat at the table–because that is true.

People talk about Black excellence, but that is because we have to be excellent to be considered average. I’d worked so, so, so, so, so hard, just to get a little seat at the table. And then I got there and people just called me the most hurtful and ignorant and horrible names under the planet

Grounded with Louis Theroux

And then… actually, firstly. a working class person struggling against the ruling class’s expectations? Comrade Twigs!!

And then… Oh my fucking God! Am I going to have to describe male on female abuse again?? Can I not please have a single day of posting where I don’t have to document some gross domestic abuse?? And these are the women who feel they have a safe enough position of power and notoriety to be brave enough to speak out! How fucking prevalent is this?? Ugh, please stop it, guys, you’re really harshing the buzz of my countdown. Sigh… Anyway, Twigs launched a lawsuit against Shia LeBeouf, outlining all the abuse, sexual battery, relentless abuse and – oh Jesus fucking Christ – intentionally giving her an STD.

Baseless, baseless, it’s all just baseless, you’re not that kind of guy. Keep on praying to Jesus, you can take it up with God…

Actually, is Shia the one guy who that Riverby lyric doesn’t apply to? He absolutely is ‘that kind of guy‘? Isn’t he? I don’t care what legal tricks he manages to play in court to get the charges dropped, FKA Twigs is telling the truth. And – once a-fucking-gain – it’d be really weird and pointless for her to make this stuff up.

And yet, out of all this, comes the absolutely delightful playlist ‘CAPRISONGS’. Twigs’s main albums are always astonishingly incisive and artistically sharp pierces into the very human soul. And we love that. Because we are fucking leeches and demand that our artist’s suffer pain and then document it for our shits and giggles. And yet, on ‘CAPRISONGS’, FKA Twigs is… happy?? She’s carefree, she’s enjoying life and enjoying the love that exists within life. And she’s looking at her success and notoriety, not through the lens of the stress and pain that such a responsibility entails, but through then lens of Hey! Fuck all y’all! I’m a fucking rockstar!!

There’s the whole “I want to be a rockstar’s girlfriend”
But yeah, the difference between (Rockstar’s girlfriend?)
Me and all those tweets is that
You’re not like those
I’m the rockstar, not my boyfriend
I’m not the rockstar’s girlfriend, I am the rockstar girlfriend
Do you get what I mean?
Mm-hm, the girlfriend who is a rockstar
Like, I’m not the accessory to the rockstar, I’m the rockstar
Do you get what I mean?

Which Way

‘CAPRISONGS’ is also busting at the seams with guest spots and cameos, like in making the record Twigs confirmed to herself that, yes, there are good people out there. ‘CAPRISONGS’ is Twigs reaching out to her support network and realising that life doesn’t necessarily need to be slideshow of pain and abuse, it can be fun.

Again, I love that for her.

2019 #7

2014 #7

The streak is over. No, it doesn’t count, it’s a mixtape not a full album, so I can still stick her next release at number seven. Because I am, don’t forget, a bit of an arse. Also, I’m still debating whether she qualifies as a Gold Star Artist. It’s an interesting discourse which we’ll get into more in 2023.

Metacritic: 80

Finally: Nick Cave and FKA Twigs Nick Cave and FKA Twigs Nick Cave and FKA Twigs!!

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