#66 Psychic Graveyard: Veins Feel Strange


Seth Manchester again. Jesus Christ, mate, the places you drag me to. You’re exposing me to dangerous mental disorders here. Is this abuse? Am I being abused? I feel like I’m being abused here.

I am cashing out
I have an expensive mouth
My teeth are stolen
I give watering cans to my children

I Am Blacking Out

No, forget everything I just said, this is fucking awesome. Abuse me more! Choke me Daddy!!

Another example of the weird and wonderful places that my continued tribute/obsession/stalking of Seth Manchester’s work is taking me. Psychic Graveyard are a… metal… band…? But there’s no guitars here, surely that’s a prerequisite? It’s proper punk rock, the type that I would want to pay tribute to in my Aunt Sally review. Synths that sound like they’re being tortured for information that they don’t have [The United States of America enters the chat] combined with drums that are being beaten mercilessly just because of their religion and the colour of their skin [The United States of America: 🙂 ] It’s punk rock that doesn’t sound like it was made in 1977. This is motherfucking now. And guess what? ‘Now’ is confusing, abrasive, obnoxious and absolutely fucking mental.

Admittedly, it occasionally sounds as if Psychic Graveyard are so influenced by The Fall that they’re fining the drummer £5 each time he plays the tom-tom, punching each other on stage, and hunting squirrels. But that’s fine. Again, at least it’s heavily influenced music that attempts to evolve the music and take it forward.

Where is this button to delete these static feelings?
Your teardrops arе flooding every hospital in Boston
And I’m tired of trying to swim towards thе sun

Word Machine

There are points while listening to Psychic Graveyard when you begin to question whether any other music truly deserves to exist.


2020 #91

Fun fact, this is actually the first album we’ve encountered so far this year that has improved on their previous placing on the list (fucking Beyoncé fell sixty seven places!), as I feel like I am slowly getting my head around Psychic Graveyard. Also, it’s good to know that I don’t just hate everything this year.

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