Without this opportunity to shout into the void, I’m not sure I’d even officially exist.

I’m in love with music to a pathetic degree, and listen to maybe 200 albums each year before ranking them at year’s end. That’s it. I work with refugees and immigration but, honestly, that stuff’s way too confusing to wrire about.

I will likely only post on this blog each December (perhaps dragging on into Janurary, Febuary, March… if I’ve gone slightly insane and choose to write a top 116 again), but it’s worth following if you want to read how tenuous a link can be made between Ital Tek and Brexit as an excuse to rant about current events.

In all honesty, you’ll be amazed at the philosophical discussions that can be brought up in a Muna review, or what insights into my life I manage to chuck into a St Vincent piece

I honestly appreciate anyone who takes the time to read my nonsense, and I love each and every one of you.

Perhaps you’ve written something equally glorious/nuts- send it to me

Perhaps you know of some music you’d like to introduce me to- send it to me



Oh, and I would never lower myself to begging for money. Just give it to me: PayPal.Me/lexleeeson

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