61 Sudan Archives: Sink

Why isn’t Sudan Archives a bigger deal? Like, why have you* never heard of her? Why are we all not already sick off her experimental folk/jazz being forced down our throats at every artisan coffee shop and that friend of ours never shutting up about her? Why do I have to be skirting through BandCamp satisfying a peculiar itch to even come across her?


(*Yes, you. Yeah, you know who I’m talking to. You. You there. No! Not you! You’re cool, I’m talking to that numpty next to you. Yeah, you…)

Again, I can’t recommend BandCamp enough…

Brittney Parks (it’s Britney, bitch) is a singer and self-taught violinist from Los Angeles who makes often astonishingly effective music that utilises the power and potency of traditional Sudanese* folk music, which all seems like she would be a Radio 4/NPR wet dream. Perhaps, wider acknowledgement evades SA because, as the amazing drop 27 seconds into the opening title track shows, she’s just that little bit too weird for wider consumption. If she harnesses these brilliant idiosyncrasies to make more certified bangers of the quality of Nont for Sale, she could head to some extremely interesting places

(*I originally planned to state how Ms Parks was influenced by her ‘Sudanese heritage’, but I couldn’t find any actual confirmation that she shares any Sudanese ancestry and realised that I was jumping to the kind of lazy conclusion that could see this blog get #cancelled)

Of course, showing such electrifying awareness of the power of traditional African music, it was no surprise to see Sudan Archives featured prominently on the ‘Black Panther’ soundtrack… Oh… No… Hang on… That was very much a celebration of American music, wasn’t it? Moving on. I toyed with the idea of placing this album a few places higher- for reasons that will soon become evident-but, once again, didn’t want to be ‘that guy’.


Sudan Archives: Mind Control


Prince: P Control

Yeah, the ‘P’ stands for ‘pussy’. I’m… I’m really sorry… Prince gets away with a lot of nonsense like this- pretty gross casual sexism that in the early to mid 90s often swayed from the celebration of female sexuality into, if not exactly slut shaming, maybe slut giggling. However, one of the reasons we let him get away with it is that the songs are so often as unarguably freaking awesome as this ‘Gold Experience’ highlight.



18 Minutes

Really, records don’t have to be much longer


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