62 Jon Hopkins: Singularity



There was actually a subtle message in that photographic art installation that delicately references Mr Hopkins’s album. You might not have been able to read the subtext, so I’ll explain.

‘Singularity’ is a very, very, very, very, very impressive album. It does nothing to harm Hopkins’s position as one of the absolute best electronic producers in the world. But…

It’s an intentionally reserved and (spit) mature album that pulls all of its punches and eschews placing a donk on any of its tracks in favour of seven minute piano solos. It’s an extremely nice album, but sonic perfection is often not enough to maintain the listener’s immersion. Second track Emerald Rush promises a euphoric majesty that the rest of the record doesn’t deliver on. But that’s cool, it’s what he wanted, we’re all still friends here



George Fitzgerald: ‘All That Must Be’


Again, exquisitely produced and technically marvellous, just never quite tugs on my scrotum strings and paddywhacks my ding-dong, y’know?


62 Minutes

My brother, Johnny, inspired this entry with the very first comment he made upon hearing the album. I’m going to send him this entry. There’s about a 47% chance he’ll read it. If he does, he’ll probably sigh and seriously consider whether my accident has rendered me ever so slightly mentally unwell. I often wonder the same thing

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