57 Illuminati Hotties: Kiss Yr Frenemies

“It’s stupid/I’m losin’/But you quote my lyrics every single night”

Sheesh, tell me about it! I feel you, Sarah Tudzin! The amount of times that I’ve had chicks come up to me and quote me lines from my blog, it’s, like, wow, I honestly couldn’t even count it! Last Friday, some girl comes up to me in a bar and says “It’s hard to think of a significantly more pleasurable way to spend 48 minutes”, which as you know is a direct quote from my 2015 My Morning Jacket review! I was like- “Puuuurrleeeeeease!”! Y’know?! You have no way of proving that never happened!


‘Kiss Your Frenemies’ is an absolutely loopy album. In, of course, a good way.

Tudzin’s time working as a studio assistant for bands so cool they barely exist (Beach House, TV On the Radio, Owen Hargreaves’s Dicky Knee, Slap Bang Trollope, Made In Chutney…) comes across in ‘KYF’s utter failure to decide exactly what it wants to sound like, and no two songs sound the same. Such indecision, however, feeds into what is a ridiculously entertaining album. A song like Declutter is so overwhelmingly beautiful that you forget that the last song started with a fart noise.



Pro-tip: Listen to ‘KYF’. Wait a day or two. Listen to it again. It’s always better than you remember, isn’t it?


33 Minutes

Hmmm… Cuff There’s a shitload of great songs on this album… Probably should be higher… FuckPatience!!



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