57 Illuminati Hotties: Kiss Yr Frenemies

“It’s stupid/I’m losin’/But you quote my lyrics every single night”

Sheesh, tell me about it! I feel you, Sarah Tudzin! The amount of times that I’ve had chicks come up to me and quote me lines from my blog, it’s, like, wow, I honestly couldn’t even count it! Last Friday, some girl comes up to me in a bar and says “It’s hard to think of a significantly more pleasurable way to spend 48 minutes”, which as you know is a direct quote from my 2015 My Morning Jacket review! I was like- “Puuuurrleeeeeease!”! Y’know?! You have no way of proving that never happened!


‘Kiss Your Frenemies’ is an absolutely loopy album. In, of course, a good way.

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