The Legit Bosses: Best Tracks of the Year (60-51)

60 Car Seat Headrest: Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales

God, I love this song, as underneath all it’s cool and intensely legitimate indie credentials it’s a great epic rock song the like of which G’n’R themselves would be proud to put their names to. I liked it when I first made this list too…

59 ANOHNI: Execution

Heeeeeey! Dis woz on dat list too! I still love it at least as much as I did when I wrote that mid-year list back when I would post things at relevant times

58 Jenny Hval: Female Vampires

Just so you know: we have a Norwegian girl doing work experience at MRSN at the moment and I asked her how to properly pronounce Jenny’s name. The ‘H’ is silent. As you were

57 Beyoncé: Sorry

Every time I listen to the astonishing Sorry it lulls me into a false sense of normality, as it starts like a decent if generic R&B standard, but proceeds to take the listener to wonderful places and constantly moves in strange directions and dropping quotable lines for the duration

magictenor (1)

56 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Jesus Alone


55 Aesop Rock: Rings

When I first heard ‘The Impossible Kid‘ I loved it, but after I found out Mr Rock was white my affection dulled a little. That’s really racist, isn’t it?

54 Michael Kiwanuka: Cold Little Heart

Yeah, sure, six minutes is a decent enough effort, but you want to go to the album’s ten minute version to experience this song’s full glory

53 The Hotelier: Goodness Pt.2

Remember in my review when I loved one song so much that I felt I had to get naked? Well, here it is. Seriously though, I fucking love this album…

52 Animal Collective: FloriDada

This was No.1 when I first did this list midway through 2016, and is now- as you may have noticed- not. I still absolutely love it, though perhaps listening to it more than maybe any other song (cough) this year has dulled its magic slightly



A bridge so old just let it go!!

51 Bon Iver: 33 “GOD”

The Engine would be happy as hell if you stayed for tea


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