The Legit Bosses: Best Tracks of the Year (50-41)

50 Glass Animals: Youth

As soon as you hear that first ‘Ooh!’ a few seconds in you’re more than likely dropping your ears’ knickers

(what the fuck does that mean?)

49 Wild Beasts: He the Colossus

I feel that in 20 years time when late night art talk shows on BBC4 are discussing how odd it was that Wild Beasts are widely accepted as one of the greatest bands of the 21st century yet completely unheralded in their time I’ll be showing blog entries like this to unbelieving post-millennials to prove how far ahead of the curve I was

48 Swet Shop Boys: Aja


Luigi doesn’t actually have green dungarees #RapHole

47 Nao: Blue Wine

Nao’s album, ‘For All We Know’ struggles to make much impression until the sixteenth track where this happens, and you’re blown away by what Nao’s potential and ability is. More of this, please, Ms Nao

46 The Hotelier: You In This Light



45 Marissa Nadler: Hungry is the Ghost

This, right here, is the reason you don’t slash your wrists every evening: life is occasionally beautiful

44 Lady Gaga: Diamond Heart


43 Explosions in the Sky: Disintegration Anxiety


1:05- Digga-digga-digga, dink-dink-dink-dink…

42 Leonard Cohen: You Want It Darker

Q Magazine naming Bowie’s ‘Blackstar‘ as their album of the year was an incorrect if understandable call. However, the fact they named similarly deceased Cohen’s ‘You Want It Darker’ in 2nd place (despite it being an altogether ‘fine’ record) kind of exposed their thinking. The opening track is an absolute stormer though

41 Topaz Jones: Running Out of Runway

Yes! Yes! Yeeeeeeeees! Yes. Try and listen to this without smiling and reconsider your recent decision to kill your wife and kids and end this eternal torment they call life. You can’t, you miserable bastards!

This is a good point to leave so I can eat and shit, top 40 tomorrow my sweets



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