The Legit Bosses: Best Tracks of the Year (70-61)

70 Zeal & Ardor: Devil is Fine

Remember: this is probably actually the best album of the year, I’m just too afraid to say so

69 Underworld: I Exhale

I Exhale is amazing: it blatantly and shamelessly rips off The Clash’s Train in Vain, Bowie’s Sound and Vision AND The Fall’s Hit the North, yet still manages to be a cast-iron banger. I couldn’t include the surrounding album on the Necessary Evil countdown, as they can’t go unpunished for such things, but this song is wonderful (especially the album’s 8 minute cut)

68 Abi Reimold: Bad Seed

bad seed

67 The Avalanches: Frankie Sinatra


66 Travis Scott: Goosebumps

‘I get those goosebumps every time/I need a heimlich’ Hmmm, is it at all possible that Mr Scott might be getting goosebumps mixed up with ‘hiccups’? Maybe that just didn’t scan as well, regardless, this is a storming track, and another example of one song overshadowing the rest of the album to such an extent that it’s not even on the Necessary Evil list

65 Bloc Party: The Love Within


64 Christine and the Queens: It

Matt Le Tissier's daughter


2:05- ‘But she’ll lose, because it’s a fake/It’s a fake, it’s a fake, it’s a faaaaaaaaaa…’

63 Sia: Space Between

Screw all of you idiots, I’m not ashamed of loving this song: if you don’t hear the BA-DUMPTH of that chorus and don’t want to immediately start singing into the handle of your hairbrush then we can never be friends

62 Blood Orange: But You


61 Jherek Bischoff: Closer to Closure

‘Closer to closure’ is probably the best name of 2016



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