#39 Efficax: Boyhood Spirals Into Exile

I hate this skin
I hated those clothes
I know who I am
more than I thought id know
she feels these things
I tell her to go
the angel in my head
bleeding out in the snow

Smiling and Sad

Bit harsh, mate, I quite liked your older stuff.

I joke, I joke. It’s extremely possible that she may well be referring to something a lot more important with these lines. Just a thought.

You might not know Efficax, considering that this is her first entry on Necessary Evil. Under that name. If you’re a proper connoisseur of either this blog or just music that slaps then you might already be aware of Efficax from her consistently amazing work as Helltown, an artist with frequent and cherished entries on the NE year end countdown, and occasionally blowing off the Legit Bosses with absolute bops like Graveyard Shift. That song was named number 69 (dude) in 2020, have you any idea what a privilege that is? Helltown were one of the greatest unheard of artists in the world – I have had reasons to believe that I was actually the only person in the world buying their records. How many bands can you seriously claim to be the number one fan of? Like, literally? As in, you were fan number one? The fucking first?

The link between Helltown and I was strong enough for Efficax to actually contact me personally to inform me that she had changed her name and will now be releasing music under the Efficax banner. This was partially sad news, as I now don’t get to make jokes about how ill suited a name ‘Helltown’ was to such emotionally devastating cerebral guitar and occasionally electronic boo-hoo anthems. However, I definitely appreciate the heads up, and wish other artists would do the same. The reason that you’ve never seen Harry Styles on this countdown is that I simply have no idea what he did after One Direction split. What, is he working in retail now or something? Probably shagging someone. Pretty sure last I heard he was a renowned shagger. Zayn Malik – who is keen to let us know that he is also a top shagger – sent me a quick SnapChat in 2016 to let me know of his solo career (and also stressed how much shagging he was doing!), so that’s how he ended up on the list that year. Pretty assumptive of both Zayn and Efficax though, wasn’t it? Like, just thought I’d let you know, because you’ll obviously want to put this on your year end list, because I truly am that great. Like, chill out, yeah? Maybe I won’t? Maybe your new music stinks, ever thought about that?!

It doesn’t though. Why would Efficax suddenly go shit after she changes her name? Think about it for one fucking second, I beg you.

A couple of things to make clear from the start: One, I can’t say whether Efficax is a Top Shagger or not, as it’s something she unfortunately fails to cover in her lyrics. Her lyrics are still her main calling card, but it’s mostly just death and despair and questioning her inner truth and shit. Not much shagging, like, at all. Secondly… This isn’t actually a real album… In 2022 Efficax released three EPS – ‘Boyhood‘, ‘Spirals‘ and ‘Exile‘. Do you see what I did? –and a couple of singles. I collated them all into one album to ensure she featured on this year’s list and then – for fuck’s… – she actually released her debut album proper in late November. OK, fine, that’s one of the first entries into Necessary Evil 2023, but don’t take ‘Boyhood Spirals into Exile’ away from me! I’ve grown to love this album that doesn’t exist! Yo, Efficax, I thought we were friends? Release albums in January, you goon, that gives me the full year to let all your genius sink in!

Yes, and Efficax really is a genius. ‘Boyhood Spirals Into Exile’ shows how there are few artists working today who are able to narrate such emotional roller coasters and translate them to such affecting music. She has also gone through quite a significant personal development in the past year, and I personally feel that hearing about the effects and reasoning behind something that’s often pushed into the biggest story in the world at the moment (never for good reasons) in her writing style seems fucking important right now.

Shall I ask to interview her? I dunno, remember what happened with Jordana?? Fuck it, I’m gonna tempt fate again: if you don’t see an interview with Efficax sometime early next year it means she hates me and by extension everyone reading this.


Not being funny, but where the fuck is Smiling and Sad?? It’s the best song, you pillock!!

2021 #58

2020 #73

2019 #59

(as Helltown)

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