52 Waxahatchee: Great Thunder

Yaaaaaars! Mainstay! Mainstay! Mainstay! I say ‘main’, you say ‘stay’! Main!




Guess I’ll have to take your word for it


Katie Crutchfield appears on this list near enough every horrid year we float through on our irreversible decline towards death. Because she’s amazing. I’ve explained how she’s amazing again and again and again in the past, but did you listen? No! You still discount all of my advice, don’t wash your hands after eating tacos and voted in the Parti Socialiste in the 2018 Brussels elections! Admittedly, to the layman it’s not immediately apparent that was what I was expressing you not to do in those reviews, but why should I be punished for having such a high opinion of my readership and expecting them to be able read between the lines?? Don’t hate me for thinking so much of you!!

‘Great Thunder’ might be a somewhat throwaway release of Crutchfield recording songs by her old band but – bah gahd!- Waxahatchee is as incredible as ever and it includes some absolutely essential tracks. That chorus of You’re Welcome?


(That means it’s good)

One thing’s been bothering me though… is this…? Is…? Is th…? Is this country??

hate country music in the same way I hate jazz. It’s part of my gimmick. And while there might have been albums in the past that have managed to squeeze themselves onto the year ending list despite being far too jazzy for any sane person’s liking, I believe I’ve been steadfast in my principled refusal to let any country records infest the Internet’s Most Trusted Music List.


Except… ‘Great Thunder’ really is a country album… and listening to a lot of Crutchfield’s earlier work now… I think a great deal of it could probably be described as country… Waxahatchee has actually managed to smuggle a huge amount of amazing country music into my affections by, essentially, not wearing a cowboy hat.

Never assume you hate any generalisation. You should never assume you won’t love something you don’t expect to live. Always be trying to surprise yourself. Guys, leave the house now and ask the first strange man you see whether you can put his genitals in your mouth. Sure, you might not like it, but my point is you’ve never found out! As for you girls, just try and go one day without talking about either ponies or periods. One hour! Whether you’ll like it or not isn’t the point, I just want to give us blokes a rest! Ammi right boys!?


You know what, Waxy? You’ve had decent and well written pieces on you in the past, you’re going to have to let me have this one, alright?

Previous Entries

2013 (No.3)

Don’t regret putting it that high at all, ‘Cerulean Salt’ is an absolutely perfect album

2015 (No.18)

2017 (No.24)


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