My Life in Albums (part 2 97-06)

You want an intro? You got that in part one! Let’s get down to the dirty, sticky and dangerously unhygienic business:


This was an important year for me, this was when shit got real. Yeah, Labour won the election, which I was aware I was supposed to celebrate but not yet conscious enough to know exactly why, just that ‘our team won*. Princess Diana died, inspiring a nationwide reaction that even 13 year old Alex Palmer recognised as being a bit fucking much**. All that was meaningless background noise though, as most importantly 1997 was the year that I became really switched on to new music. Before this point, most of the albums I’ve listed would have been discovered by me later and posthumously lusted after in the kind of nostalgic necrophilia that I would later grow to despise. Yeah, sorry if you’ve already imagined me as an incredibly cool seven year old bopping his head to Soon by My Bloody Valentine. From this point on, these important albums in my life and personal development were pretty much all discovered as contemporaries. Seriously though, ‘It’s Great When You’re Straight… Yeah’ was the first CD that I ever owned. Yeah. I’m that cool/weird.

“Dad, this is why you’re only allowed to see me one weekend every other month…”

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52 Waxahatchee: Great Thunder

Yaaaaaars! Mainstay! Mainstay! Mainstay! I say ‘main’, you say ‘stay’! Main!




Guess I’ll have to take your word for it


Katie Crutchfield appears on this list near enough every horrid year we float through on our irreversible decline towards death. Because she’s amazing. I’ve explained how she’s amazing again and again and again in the past, but did you listen? No! You still discount all of my advice, don’t wash your hands after eating tacos and voted in the Parti Socialiste in the 2018 Brussels elections! Admittedly, to the layman it’s not immediately apparent that was what I was expressing you not to do in those reviews, but why should I be punished for having such a high opinion of my readership and expecting them to be able read between the lines?? Don’t hate me for thinking so much of you!!

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