The Legit Bosses: Best Tracks of the Year (20-11)

20 Japanese Breakfast: Everybody Wants To Love You

Perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect

19 Kanye West: Waves

18 The Coral: Connector

Oof! Oof! Ooooooof! Hear that? That riff? That churn?! This is meaty fucking rock and fucking roll my friends!

17 Beyoncé: Formation

Listen, I love Prince


you love Prince


we all love Prince


but we all have to face the facts that He no longer has the accolade of best Super Bowl halftime performance. Sure, he’s perhaps the greatest live performer of all time, and it rained when he played Purple Rain or some shit, but he didn’t invade and subvert the traditionally white, masculine environment with a controversial and spectacular feminist celebration of the Black power movement, did he?


0:37- ‘My daddy Alabama/My Mom Louisiana/You mix that negro with that creole make a Texas bamma’

16 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Rings of Saturn

e bow

No? Just me? Come on!

15 Rihanna- Consideration

The track where Ri-Ri truly cements her place as one of the greatest and most compelling singers of the 21st century. The way she lands ‘I do advise you run it back, run it on back/When you’re breaking it down for me’ sends shivers of joy down my music bone



A line so good that I made sure that I got hold of SZA’s album in 2017 and you may see it on next year’s list when I write it in 2047

14 M.I.A: Borders

Aw, MIA, your lyrics are such utter fucking nonsense, but your talent ensures that the music is often so good

13 Frank Ocean: Nights

The production, construction, melody and sheer gorgeousness of this track is the reason Frank Ocean is such a big thing

12 Jeremih: Planez

‘You need a nigger that’s gonna put it in your mouth/Dick so big it’s like a foot is in your mouth’ Even without counting that fabulous/disgusting lyric, it’s still one of the silkiest and coolest songs of the year

11 Plants and Animals: No Worries Gonna Find Us




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