59 Thao and the he Get Down Stay Down: Man Alive

Remember when David Cameron decided to bravely announce that too many black fathers abandon their children?



No? No?! “Oh, Alex” you’re saying, you’re saying “Oh, Alex” that’s what you’re saying, you’re looking at me and going “Oh, Alex, that probably never happened”, like, you’re standing there with a straight face and you’re saying to me “that probably never happened, Alex” you’re saying, you’re saying “That probably never happened, Alex, you’re just making that up’


Yeah, well it did. Our former Prime Minister, who you may have noticed is a white person by virtue of him being in a position of power, was courageous enough to state that black men leave their children too often


He could have said that ‘men abandon their children too often’, which would still be true if only one man had ever done it, but he decided instead to implicitly suggest that there was a not only a genetic difference between black and white people, but that genetic difference seems to render black people significantly inferior



Now, he could have said that there was an alarming prevalence amongst the poorer sections of society of abandoning their families, which there is for a number of reasons but is nonetheless frequently unforgivable. There is a larger percentage of black people amongst the poorest sections of the country because of a variety of reasons mainly centring around hundreds of years of institutionalised racism, but I’d actually argue that you probably shouldn’t abandon your child even if you’re white and therefore naturally awesome


David Cameron couldn’t draw attention to the fact it’s more prevalent in lower income brackets though, as that would bring attention to the existence of the ghastly uneven wealth in the country, an issue that’s supposed to be one of his jobs to sort out, and so to point out the problem suggests a failing on his part. Black guys though? Bad luck I’m afraid, it’s just in their make up to leave their families, probably running away to shoot a few hoops and bust a cap in somebody’s posterior, simple genetics




Yeah it was a Manics song, but it was, like, heavily influenced by Guns ‘n’ Roses, yeah?


I would suggest you don’t abandon your family if you’re black, white, yellow or one of those freaky Chinesey ones who are like a weird shade of reddish brown. Unless they’re in any way creatively talented of course, because the experience of dealing with your abandonment may lead to music as glorious as Thao and the Get Down Stay Down


What. A freaking. Brilliant. Name


I mean, as soon as your kid shows any artistic leanings, just dump the whole family just to be safe. Like, as soon as little baby Khaleesi draws a circle on the kitchen floor in her own shit you run, OK?





That ‘Oral Pleasure’ signifier needs to be smaller, doesn’t it?


‘Man Alive’ is an absolute marvel, engaging and angular indie rock dashed with a splash of experimentation that’s lyrically both devastatingly beautiful and raucously inspiring


‘Raucously’?? That’s not the word, is it?


Oh, and just before I go, while abandoning your children is officially a Bad Idea, don’t ever stay with a partner you hate for the sake of a child. One of you will probably have to play a slightly smaller part in the child’s life, admittedly, but if you stay with someone you no longer love the child might grow up in an environment of apathy and even hatred that will have a far worse effect on its mental state



Metacritic: +80

Length: 37 minutes +9

Number of AMAZING songs: 0

Yeah, But Does, Like, the Album Have a General Sheen of Brilliance? Yes (+50)

Is the last song just the first track but played on Ukulele? No -1

Total 204


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