Necesary Evil 2020 pt.8 (40-36)

#40 Princess Nokia: Everything Sucks

Yep, Princess Nokia states that ‘Everything is Beautiful’ and only makes it to number 70, but when she simply throws up her arms and declares that ‘Everything Sucks’ she opens our top 40. What does this prove? That’s right- absolutely fuck all, as this list is an absolutely meaningless vanity project by some egotistical, fat, ginger, middle aged man frivlously listing albums he’s listened to this year in no real order despite knowing next to nothing about music.

I joke, of course, this list is an entirely scientific exercise. The real reason that the other album that The Princess Regent of Nokia and its Territories released in 2020 ranks so much higher is because, yeah, maybe everything does suck.

…at the crotch don’t look at the crotch don’t look at the crotch don’t loo…
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59 Thao and the he Get Down Stay Down: Man Alive

Remember when David Cameron decided to bravely announce that too many black fathers abandon their children?



No? No?! “Oh, Alex” you’re saying, you’re saying “Oh, Alex” that’s what you’re saying, you’re looking at me and going “Oh, Alex, that probably never happened”, like, you’re standing there with a straight face and you’re saying to me “that probably never happened, Alex” you’re saying, you’re saying “That probably never happened, Alex, you’re just making that up’


Yeah, well it did. Our former Prime Minister, who you may have noticed is a white person by virtue of him being in a position of power, was courageous enough to state that black men leave their children too often


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