39 Ariana Grande: Sweetener

“Once I have you, I will never let you, never let you”

I feel quite sorry for Ariana Grande. ‘Sweetener’ is an absolutely brilliant album, and the jokes about my ‘TDE’ (Tiny Di… yeah, you got that joke, didn’t you?) would write themselves. It sees Grande finally locate an identity for herself, and honestly contains some of the best and most subtly experimental mainstream pop music released this year. I’m just going to use this review to talk about Hejjy again though. First ISIS, now this: poor girl just can’t catch a break.


Buckle up!

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59 Thao and the he Get Down Stay Down: Man Alive

Remember when David Cameron decided to bravely announce that too many black fathers abandon their children?



No? No?! “Oh, Alex” you’re saying, you’re saying “Oh, Alex” that’s what you’re saying, you’re looking at me and going “Oh, Alex, that probably never happened”, like, you’re standing there with a straight face and you’re saying to me “that probably never happened, Alex” you’re saying, you’re saying “That probably never happened, Alex, you’re just making that up’


Yeah, well it did. Our former Prime Minister, who you may have noticed is a white person by virtue of him being in a position of power, was courageous enough to state that black men leave their children too often


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