#35 Saba: Few Good Things

Hustlin’ candy bars to play basketball
I still get nostalgic seein’ houses that my family lost
They wished upon a star, I caught it like I’m Randy Moss
When granny fought for her property, she would turn down any cost
I’m the grandson of Carl who lived across from the fosters
Then fostered me to spread love through holiday poverty
Hand-me-downs I was given, I thought they were bought for me
A tale of two Chicagos, this gets confused commonly
‘Cause one, you’re commemorated if you’re the hot commodity

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Comrade Saba!

Is there an industry less concerned with ethics and more damaging to the general populace yet still so accepted as the real estate market? I’m not going to delve to deeply into it here, but the correct position to take is that all landlords are scum. If you own more than one house, you’re at the very best low key scum. Property development and large landlord associations are actually beyond scum and actually evil. I may be against the death penalty in its current widely accepted form, but we as a society need to seriously look at what horrors are accepted in our current decaying capitalism and make big decisions to punish the minority for their crimes against humanity, especially if it benefits the vast majority. That’s all I’m going to say right now. Unless there’s an album coming up soon that I can’t think of anything to say about. I will always reserve my right to go off on a massive far left tangent. Here’s ‘Britain’s Road to Socialism‘ again, give it a read (or a listen).

Saba, though, isn’t it? One of the absolute greatest hip-hop artists working today, one who combines incredible organic music (there are barely any samples on ‘Few Good Things’) with lyrical genius that has previously marked him out as a legitimate and valid commentator of life in the early decades of the 21st century, as we live through the harsh decay of capitalism and… OK, I’ll stop now, I promise.

And ‘Few Good Things’ is a really fucking good modern hip-hop record. Really. Really fucking good. It’s just…

Does anyone else feel like Saba has his handbrake on ever so slightly? Despite it’s lovely organic sound, ‘Few Good Things’ at times feels like Saba is striving to make an incredible mainstream hip-hop album. And – bah Gahd! – absolutely succeeding, but I feel his capable of far more. Perhaps the sound intentionally matches the subject matter, recognising that – despite the validity of Saba’s inner struggles with his growing fame – it might not be full of generally weighty subjects last previous records. I mean, shit, ‘Care for Me‘ was largely an ode to his murdered cousin, the sound was obviously going to reflect that. There’s nothing on his third record with the gut punch or emotional heft of PROM/KING.

Oh! Third album?! All on Necessary Evil?! You know what that means!:

Phew, almost missed him there…

2018 #32

2016 #69 (dude)

Metacritic: 83

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