Necessary Evil 2019 (82-80)

82 Le Makeup: Aisou


That cover intrigues me. If we move the camera back, will we just see Keisuke Iiri with his arm’s out wide pulling a roll of cling film over his face? It’d ruin the illusion somewhat, wouldn’t it?

Listen, I have no fucking idea who this guy is. His name is Keisuke Iiri, his Twitter seems to suggest that he’s legitimately Japanese, and he’s made one of the most accomplished and sonically arresting dance albums of 2019. That’s all. This is awesome, I’m awesome, you’re awesome, and Le Makeup are awesome.

Keisuke, if you’re reading this, keep it up.

Metacritic: n/a

81 Mark Mulcahy: The Gus


Ok, how’s about this? I bought Mr Mulcahy’s album because I was going to his gig to see the person who was supporting him, and thought I may as well get to know the main artist as well! I know! Mental, no? Well anyway, I’m very glad of that introduction, and Mulcahy not only has had an amazing career as an underground artist that made me feel guilty for not initially having heard of him, but ‘The Gus’ frequently fucking slaps, y’nar? It’s fuckin’ lit!! It’s straight fire!!! No, I don’t believe I’m too old to say that…


Hmmm, what did you ask? Who was the artist I saw supporting him? Tommy Robinson.

No, no, no! I know what you’re about to say! I never said I agreed with his politics, I just think he plays a mean accordion and is actually very talented. Honestly, you hear his cover of Whole Again and I swear you’ll forgive him some of his more ‘insensitive’ views.

Metacritic: 76

80 Lil Peep: Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt.2


I told you, I fucking told you! I was a big fan of ‘Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt.1‘, the only album released in Lil Peep’s lifetime, coming out three months before his death, but I told you that his death would be no barrier to releasing a freaking Part 2!

And… yeah, fine, I suppose. ‘Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt.2’ was released in November 2018. Cool, makes sense, gotta tie up those loose ends, Peepy obviously wanted this series to have at least one more entry. And this album is… good… It’s really good, thought it’s difficult to imagine it was much close to what Peep had envisioned for the record, and sounds unfinished and unfocused in places. Most damningly, it lacks any certified banger anywhere close to something like Awful Things. Still, while it’s essentially going to the same well thirteen times, that well hasn’t quite lost its lustre yet.

And now, with Pt.2 released, we can now draw a veil over his admirable musical career and move on to… Oh, what’s that you say? They’ve just announced another album? Just in time for Christmas again! How fortuitous!

Will it be on Necessary Evil 2020? Sigh… yeah, probably…

Metacritic: 79

40 in 2017


Less than 500 words, this is what I’m talkin’ about

Into the top 80!! On Tuesday!! Because I’m going to a gig tomorrow night!!!

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