10 Lykke Li: So Sad So Sexy

Alright, I’m done with this list. Done. You hear me?? Done! Doooooooooooooone!


I’m still going to write it, don’t worry, it just won’t be as good as it’s been in the past or explore quite as many psychological or social issues. Necessary Evil this year has, if I’m being totally honest, a fucking chore!

We’re into the top ten now, which means I’ve written seventy two of these fucking posts! Even recently, I’ve opened up over the emotional pain sparked by the apparant end of Hejjy and my ‘relationship‘, I’ve laid out scientifically why everybody should hate themselves because everyone hates everyone, near enough called both my parents alcoholics, struggled with the complexities of Kanye and written a offensively half-arsed piece kinda skimming over the importance of slavery. The Haile Selassie bit though, that was alright. Should have probably just spread that over the whole piece. I can’t anymore. I just can’t.


I’ve asked for too much of myself this year. Writing eighty two reviews in 31 days was always a ridiculously ambitious task, and ensured every entry was rushed and imperfect. Next year there’s going to be a top 20, and every entry will be interesting and written well. This year, I’m out, I’ve got nothing more to say and yet reviews of the ten best records of the year to write. What’s the fucking use to this list, anyway? Is anyone reading it anymore? I guess I always had the hope that maybe Hejjy would read some of it, which would explain why she pops up so frequently, but now my blog is banned in China.. who is this for…? I think subconsciously I’m just creating as large a record of myself on the cyberweb as I possibly can. I started this blog after my failed suicide attempt more than likely assured I would never have children, so is this rubbish just me ensuring that something of mine will be left in this world after I die? Is this nonsense blog just flakes of me falling off as I slowly disintegrate? I haven’t tried to commit suicide since I started this blog, is that because it’s making me love life more, or am I just waiting for the maximum amount of readership before I blog my suicide note? Because, honestly, the amount of people who’d read my suicide note now would be embarrassing. Do I always get this depressed at Christmas? Maybe the last two Necessary Evils greatly profited from being released in February and October the next year. This blog just descends into a turgid slum of depression around Christmas. One I doubt I’ll ever recover from

God, but this album though. While not quite rivalling The Joy Formidable as a career best out of next to nowhere, ‘So Sad So Sexy’ is the type of pop masterclass that I was worried Ms. Li may have (spit) matured out of. Absolutely the best album of her career and, if I’m being brutally honest, the follow up to her incredible debut that I’ve always hoped she’d make, rather than taking off into more moody and retrospective places.

Yeah, a lot of it is given over to how amazing her life is and how brilliant her husband and child are, which is of course absolutely sickening and should never be encouraged, but ‘SSSS’ is always good enough musically to make you forgive Lykke Li for her shameful and nauseating wonderful life.


Lykke Li: Sex Money feelings Die


Prince: DMSR 

Or ‘Dance Music Sex Romance’ to the uninitiated. You know what? My current journey through Prince’s back catalogue means that I’ll be coming into contact with ‘1999; around 2022, and I was worried that it might be the first instance of Prince embarrassingly winning the album of the year with a 40 year old record, because I couldn’t imagine any contemporary record being better than an album I’ve grown to regard as Prince’s greatest. But… this song is off ‘1999’… and… it’s not all that! Perhaps, subjectively, it actually is better than one of the lesser tracks off ‘SSSS’, but I’m handing Lykke this win in recognition of the hope she’s given artists four years from now. Music of the future thanks you, Ms. Li. Fuck me though, YouTube automatically played Automatic, another ‘1999’ track, after DMSR and, fuck me, I don’t think any song released this year is as good as that.

I’m not even sure that’s her…


34 minutes

Sigh… do I still have to do this…?

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