#56 Lykke Li: EYEYE

Lykke Lykke Lykke! EYEYEYE!!!

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Sweden’s absolute and inarguable queen of pop heartbreak might be another artist on this year’s list suffering from their insane decision to be consistently brilliant throughout their career and making the risky move of simply releasing another brilliant record. Like, well done, you’re still incredible. ‘Ave a fackin’ biscuit.

I don’t want to say that ‘EYEYE’ is ‘more of the same’, because that has slightly negative undertones. And it really isn’t exactly ‘more of the same’ stylistically – it’s a far more stripped back album than her recent efforts, but conversely a far more produced effort, with ghostly synths and creaking sound effects throughout. In terms of themes and quality though, it’s expertly narrated emotional anguish set to pristine pop backing. Like, duh, when haven’t we heard that before from Lykke Li?? Give us a shit album sometime, mate, create your own personal comparison that flatters it. You’re sending ‘EYEYE’ out to the clubs alongside four of the hottest people possible, when the patrons take a look at all of them, are ‘EYEYE’s chances of being lucky enough to be fingerbanged in the alleyway afterwards really much better than one in five?? Seriously, if they’re going out every Friday night they’re not even 100% assured to get someone’s fingers stinky once a month! I dunno, dude, I don’t love those odds. It’s slightly disappointing that ‘EYEYE’ is so one pace and lacking exciting additions to her sound that ‘So Sad So Sexy‘ (man, she wasn’t worried about self-parody when she named that album) had like trap beats and layered melodies. But – bah Gahd!! – this record is fucking gorgeous. But then of course it’s fucking gorgeous! It’s Lykke motherfucking Li, son!!

Fucking love that haircut

Lykke Li is an absolute Necessary Evil veteran since her debut album featured back in 2008 (the lack of a 2011 list to host her ‘Wounded Rhymes‘ album means she’s not quite a Gold Star Artist yet though), and her continued excellence and importance to both me and Necessary Evil itself will likely ensure she has a job for life on this blog. Just maybe make the next album an intentional stinker? Then release this exact same record again afterwards? I’d be so excited at the ‘return to form’ it’d probably go top five. Almost worked for Marina  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


2018 #10

2014 #40

2008 #3

Metacritic: 76

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