The Legit Bosses: Best Tracks of the Year (40-31)

40 The Radio Dept.: Swedish Guns


39 Kano: This Is England

38 Beyoncé: Don’t Hurt Yourself

As I alluded to in my review, Be-Be’s third entry on this list is an amazing preview of how amazing pristinely produced pop music will sound like in the year 2145, and is by far and away the best thing Jack White (or, for that matter, Malcolm X) has put his name to for a good decade


At 2 minutes an 10 seconds, Be-Be loses all of her patience…

who the fuck.gif

37 Maxwell: III

‘I just want a Michelle Obama lady/To hold me down when the world’s crazy’: Isn’t it great that in (cough) 2016 we have a widely understood archetype for a strong black woman? Ten years ago Maxwell would probably had to reference the mum on Fresh Prince of Bel Air

36 Kid Cudi: The Commander

Bra… Brrrrrrrrra…. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrra…! I freaking love this song!!


That first moment at 1:14 when the key changes and another level of beauty is travailed: ‘I always try to outrun my pride…’. Also, 2016’s first winner of the award of:

e bow.jpg

No? It doesn’t remind anyone else of that song? Really? Come on! Kusten to them both again: you’re wrong

35 Bat for Lashes: Close Encounters

Another of the year’s absolute best songs for karaoke, and the best song about shagging a ghost since The Monster Mash (come one, read between the lines!)

34 David Bowie: Lazarus

‘Look up here, I’m in heaven’ A bit presumptive, Mr Bowie, if you don’t mind me saying. I’m assuming, seeing as you were a rock star in the 60s and 70s the devil would also like to have a word with you

33 M.I.A: Freedun

‘I’m a swagger man/In my swagger van/From the people’s republic of swaggistan… Lara Croft is soft when it comes to my stuff/She’s made up, I’m real, that’s enough’ God, this song is so dumb, but I love it so much…

32 Bon Iver: 8 (Circle)

Wow, how much of The Engine have we had so far? A lot, right? Because it’s a fuckin’ boss album, that’s why

31 Maxwell: Lake By the Ocean

Aaaaaaaaaaaaw, yesyesyesyeyesyes!


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