The Legit Bosses: Best Tracks of the Year (70-61)

70 Zeal & Ardor: Devil is Fine

Remember: this is probably actually the best album of the year, I’m just too afraid to say so

69 Underworld: I Exhale

I Exhale is amazing: it blatantly and shamelessly rips off The Clash’s Train in Vain, Bowie’s Sound and Vision AND The Fall’s Hit the North, yet still manages to be a cast-iron banger. I couldn’t include the surrounding album on the Necessary Evil countdown, as they can’t go unpunished for such things, but this song is wonderful (especially the album’s 8 minute cut)

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95 SIA: This is Acting

I don’t really believe in the existence of ‘guilty pleasures’



Well, that’s not strictly true: if your ‘pleasure’ is forcibly removing the kneecaps of Somalian traffic wardens and leaving them to harden in the sun before burning holes in them with cigarettes and wearing them as gaudily ostentatious oversized hooped earrings, then, yeah, you should probably be considered guilty


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