12 Glass Animals: How to be a Human Being

There are too many human beings, don’t you think?


Overpopulation is destroying our Earth, don’t you think?





When you think of the world being overpopulated, you don’t think of there being too many estate agents in Nice, or too many landscape gardeners in Valletta, or too many dinner ladies in Idaho, or too many office administrators in Cardiff


There’s not too many white people, is there? If anything, there’s not enough, you feel like a foreigner of your own city of Malaga, to which you retired in 2009




No, there’s far too many poor coloured people half way round the world, isn’t there? Yes, that starving guy in Mozambique who’s eating shards of rust in the hope of contracting dysentery so he could at least drink the diarrhoea, he’s fucking the world up, isn’t he?


What is your thinking, exactly? That these people are consuming a dangerous amount of the world’s finite resources?



There’s more than enough food in the world, you fucking idiot: we dumb Westerners have enough food for us all to grow grotesquely obese and still throw away one point three billion tonnes of the shit every year! We’ve got too much of it, and to make sure we have an excessive amount of food to either engorge ourselves on or just chuck away we commandeer these poor brown folks’ land and kick them into the dust and wait for them to starve so your entitled fat arse can complain about overpopulation while sprinkling an extra layer of dolphin rashes on your orangutan burger






Are you ready to get your mind blow?

No, seriously, are you ready?

Take a breath…

No famine on record has ever been caused by a lack of food



Think of the Irish Potato Nonsense, or Mao’s Great Famine, the North Korean Famine, or even the Somalian famine of the early 90s: people don’t die because of a lack of food- because there’s always been enough food– they die because of the food not being given to them. There’s no overpopulation problem, just a problem of equality. Call me a Social Justice Cluck Snowflake if you want, but I don’t think the best way to tackle inequality is to simply exterminate the lowest classes





My brother mentioned to me the other day how people are talking about how insects could solve the world’s hunger problem. I got so fucking angry:



In fact, we’re even demanding organic food, which…


Fair point. ‘How to be a Human Being’ (what’s supposed to be capitalised there?) is pure awesomeness


glass animals.jpg

Glass Animals already sound like nobody else but themselves, and their second album is a fabulous evolution of their intense uniqueness



Metacritic: +74

Length: 43 minutes +3

Best Lyric: ‘My father’s arms around my mother’s neck/Fruit too ripe to eat’ +1

Number of AMAZING songs: 1 (+10)

…But Are All the Rest of the Songs Kinda Amazing Anyway? Yes +140

Is the last song just the first track but played on Ukulele? No -1

Total: 572


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