13 Frank Ocean: Blonde











I’m just playing Spanky, you’re alright



The release of ‘Blonde’ was anticipated on a scale extremely uncommon in the modern world: not in the sense that it would generate sales so high as to conceivably finance the injection of cocaine into the penises of music industry heads for the next 18 months at least, à la Adele’s ’25’, but in the sense that people were insanely excited about its artistic content



it’s good. Like, really, really good


I think… I mean I still don’t think I’ve 100% made my mind up about Spanky’s second album


Sometimes I love the fact that Spanky had the chutzpah- and even the temerity– to deliver the most eagerly anticipated album of recent times as an almost diabolically enigmatic haze of unfocused avant garde, that sounds similar to His glorious acoustic oddity ‘The Truth’ only almost entirely without the tunes



That’s obviously worth

9 Prince Points


2 sweet.jpg


Other times, ‘Blonde’ strikes me as a shamefully cowardly release, the sound of an artist afraid of not meeting fans’ expectation and so choosing instead to avoid the pressure by releasing a ridiculously underplayed record that bounds itself to subtlety so resolutely that it barely exists in places


Y’know, doing a Radiohead




Depending on my mood, and what medications I’m currently on, ‘Blonde’ strikes me as either an astonishingly confident and brash sidestep from expectations, or an anxious and nervous dampening of expectations that he might have produced something unarguably game changing. Gah! Fuck you, Spanky!



It’s is far too long, and nobody’s seriously arguing that every track is essential, but there’s frequent proof that Spanky is certifiable genius, and one of the most interesting artists working today



Metacritic: +87

Length: 60 minutes -13

Ah, come on now, we’re having a nice time, there’s no need for that

Number of AMAZING songs: 2 (+20)

…But Are All the Rest of the Songs Kinda Amazing Anyway?

Mostly, but this album sits nicely alongside ‘Life of Pablo’ as the sound of a genius lacking focus or proper editing


Is the last song just the first track but played on Ukulele? No -1

Total: 567


I… I don’t really understand that website…

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