95 SIA: This is Acting

I don’t really believe in the existence of ‘guilty pleasures’



Well, that’s not strictly true: if your ‘pleasure’ is forcibly removing the kneecaps of Somalian traffic wardens and leaving them to harden in the sun before burning holes in them with cigarettes and wearing them as gaudily ostentatious oversized hooped earrings, then, yeah, you should probably be considered guilty


images (3).jpg

I mean, I’m finding it difficult to understand your reasons for targetting traffic wardens in the first place, but why do they have to be Somalian?? Is there something here I’m missing?


Of course, if you’re not forcibly removing them, and the Somalian traffic wardens always give their consent, then go nuts, no reason to be ashamed



Those cigarettes will kill you though


If consensual patella to jewellery transference is allowable, then liking ‘uncool’ music shouldn’t be an issue. Yet we seem to have made a culture-wide agreement over which music is permissible to admit affection for, actual quality being irrelevant, and which music is somehow embarrassing to like, no matter how fantastic it has been scientifically proven to be



The things we like are different, and that’s awesome, nobody’s tastes should have to be justified or defended for deviating from the accepted norm, and now, in 201(cough)6, there is such a marvellous menagerie of miscellaneous music that each person need not listen to a single similar thing to any of their friends, another reason that

now is awesome


Yeah, still haven’t actually introduced that trope yet, have I? I first award it in my critique of the brilliant Zeal and Ardor’s album


and it ended up going really high up the list

Looking at this methodically researched list, you might find that rubbish album from 2016 that you like isn’t on it. This definitely means your opinion is wrong, but you shouldn’t feel ashamed or ‘guilty’


But, yeah, Sia is definitely a guilty pleasure for me, but the power ballad and soft rock/pop stylings of ‘This Is Acting’ are brilliantly infectious, and one song in particular


is a mixture of shameless bombast and overwhelmingly emotive vocals that I feel no shame in fucking loving



images (4).jpg


Si-Si’s Ri-Ri imitation is ridiculous at points, unless Sia is from the part of Adelaide that speaks with a Caribbean accent her singing about “when ah ‘it de dance flo” is a little cringey, and can only pale in comparison to the real thing

Metacritic: +67

Length 46 minutes +0

Number of AMAZING songs: 1 (+10)

Best Lyric: ‘Nine times out of ten, I’m in my feelings/But ten times out of nine, I’m only human/Tell me, what did I do wrong? Feel/like that question has been posed/I’m movin’ on’ +1

Is the last song just the first track but played on Ukulele? No -1

Total 79

So many freaking pics!






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