110 Mogwai: Atomic


I adore Mogwai. Like, love them at least as much as your puny human brain has convinced you that you love your mother, just because she once let you suck milk from her breasts


Look what you did to that poor woman’s breasts. You call that love? You sicken me


Look at them!!


So, ‘Atomic’ isn’t really a ‘proper’ album, just like Stuart isn’t really your ‘proper’ Dad, but you can enjoy them both if you just gave them a chance and maybe buy him a Christmas gift this year? I don’t think he’s going to buy that you ‘didn’t think he’d be coming’ for a fourth consecutive year



After ‘Rave Tapes’ was a full on hummer in the middle of the afternoon when it’s not even your birthday as Mogwai stuck their left finger rapidly in and out of your bum hole (which they know you like but have sworn to secrecy, though you swear that Mogwai’s friends Arab Strap and Godspeed You! Black Emperor giggle at you when you enter a room these days), ‘Atomic’ is more of a wink from across the room while your building your Lego Deathstar: it reminds you of their qualities, but steps aside for now to let you concentrate on important business


Does your Mum do those things to Stuart…?




It’s epic, it’s inspirational, it’s stirring, it should probably be higher, but Mogwai don’t mind sitting this one out.


Metacritic: 77

Length 48 minutes. -2

Is the last song just the first track but played on Ukulele? No -1

Total 43

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