21 Mogwai: As the Love Continues

2017 #50, 2016 #110, 2014 #6

Fucking Mogwai, ladies and motherfucking gentlemen!

Do I need to add anything else? It’s fucking Mogwai! Mogwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai!

One of the greatest British bands of all time, of this there is no question. The actual greatest Scottish band ever. Like, surely, yeah? Which Scottish act could you name with such an astonishing back catalogue, such consistent and successful musical ingenuity and progression? Primal Scream maybe, but are they true Scotsmen? I think CHVRCHES could get there one day, Franz Ferdinand had their moments, as did Teenage Fanclub and Orange Juice. If you’re thinking Belle and Sebastian, then just… don’t… I honestly can’t have conversations with you people. The only answers I’d accept would be either Arab Strap or The Jesus and Mary Chain. And even those two band’s, as great as they might be, both kinda just settled on a sound early and kept to it their entire career. The best Arab Strap song is probably Mogwai’s R U Still In 2 It. Also, I went to a Jesus and Mary Chain gig with my first wife in about 2008 (or something), and their fans were absolute pieces of grumpy old leather jacket men shit, so the band has to lose points for that. Mogwai win. Easily. And I’m half

Scottish, so I am legally allowed to make to make those decisions. I was also going to make a list of ‘The Greatest Coloured Bands’, but my lawyer advised me that was legally problematic, for reasons similar to those just outlined. Not just those reasons though. It was also explained how it would be a bad idea for… many other reasons…

‘As the Love Continues’ is another outstanding addition to their canon. There’s no need to start any tired old ‘best Mogwai album ever’ debates (I still might name their outstanding 1997 debut), but it’s definitely their best collection since their bizarrely underappreciated 2016 wonder ‘Rave Tapes‘. Wonderfully, in perhaps the best/only good news of 2021, this avant garde and experimental largely instrumental post-rock group’s tenth album, released nearly 25 years since their debut, actually became their first number one record. Isn’t that just… amazing? Maybe humaity isn’tsoomed after all, we’re all gonna be OK!!


Bollocks, I didn’t realise they were on BandCamp! I paid for this record on (spit) iTunes! While I was in hospital, fact fans.

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