116 Primal Scream: Chaosmosis








You have to appreciate Pri-Scem, who are comfortably one of the most ridiculous bands to have ever boogied across the Earth. Priz-Scrum, the sound of the interstellar nuclear Armageddon constantly playing out in their drug addled minds that has kept them from sleeping since 1986 is embarrassingly underplayed, they swear that subtlety is a Zionist conspiracy, and have been governmentally ordered to be carefully monitored at all times unless they lock themselves in the studio for thirty minutes and record ANOTHER ridiculous 70s southern rock boogie woogie pastiche while earing glittered jumpsuits.


It’s not that P-Scree don’t care how awful they frequently sound, it’s that they honestly believe they’re making impossibly cool music, and that it’s the rest of the lame world that is too dumb (or perhaps the victims of another Zionist conspiracy) to come around to their genius.


The frustrating thing is that sometimes they’re right!!


Three times in the past, after admittedly ceding a lot of their creativity to much more restrained geniuses, they have actually put their names to undisputed classics: 92’s ‘Screamadelica’, 97’s ‘Vanishing Point’ and 01’s ‘XTRMNTR’


It’s that last classic that did the most lasting damage, as they first chanced upon the idea of recording themselves drilling holes in their own testicles, over dubbed with the screams such an exercise naturally elicit, filling up 64 tracks with similar noises, launching drone strikes on the studio and then setting it on fire before kicking it to Neptune for good measure. By way of some bizarre celestial joke, the album ended up being amazing. Nobody in the band knows quite how, so they decided to record every album in similar fashion just to be safe


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So they would have finished recording ‘Chaosmis’ without a single one of their members ever questioning whether it sounded a bit too much like the music a secondary school’s drama unit would have been forced to throw together after Andrew Lloyd Webber refused them the rights to ‘Starlight Express’, or in parts like the music a CBeebies show would use to soundtrack evil space rabbits, because their music’s sounded far crazier before, and people fucking loved it


‘Chaosmis’ starts with the delightfully daft Tripping on your Love, which is at least a lot of fun in its inherent naffness


…but aside from Golden Rope’s glorious coda of ‘I know that there is something wrong inside of me’ the album all to rarely deliverers on its gloriously nutty promise



Even though this is a subjective exercises, I will still consider the opinions of the great, smelly, unwashed, plebeian masses to be of some relevance to the final mathematical grading, so I have taken into account metacritic.com’s broad numerical summarisation of the general critical consensus. Unfortunately, I’ve had to start here, as Damian Lazarus is judged not to exist


Length 37 minutes +9

Best Lyric: ‘Lord forgive me/I’ve been running/Running blind in truth’    +1

Is the last song just the first track but played on Ukulele? No -1

Total 25

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