#22 Denzel Curry: Melt My Eyez See Your Future

Sir! Yes sir, hand’s up, definitely talking about me

I’m going to pepper this review with artistic reinterpretations of the album cover that people have made and posted to the Fresh Album Art subreddit. For no financial gain, for no tangible reward at all. Just because the music of Mr Curry happens to inspire so many people. This is by no means exhaustive (I’m very rarely on non wresting Reddit. Honest…) but just meant to show the effect that Curry has on his fans. I mean. maybe Reddit is full of edgy white kids? No, that doesn’t sound right at all.

What that particular talent he has that attracts white boy edgelords (again: hello there) to him is not something I believe myself to be intelligent enough to properly dissect. Not now, anyway, but when my 120’000 page thesis arrives sometime in mid 2025, make sure you’ve booked some time off work to read it.

On a superficial level, I would say it’s because he’s the artist that’s closest to the emo rap genre without – perish the thought – actually being emo rap. More generally, he’s the kinda emo rapper that it’s not social and cultural suicide to admit liking.

Which… I kinda get… In his earlier days he was certainly not averse to the kind of “So much Adderall that can’t feel my dick/Take more pills and cut my wrists/You preppy wannabees make me sick” rhymes that you might have heard from Lil Peep. But I don’t think he’s sounded like that in a long time.

Looking for answers, that’s what I been seekin’
The ones with influence don’t ever be teachin’
Industry colorist, they need to cut this shit
Can’t fuck with government, what can I say?
Caught me some other shit, can’t fall in love with it
I say a prayer to not be the prey
Hoes with the drama OD
Then they turn around and throw they drama on me
These are the only reasons why I stay lowkey
And I knew this world was shitty when we lost Kobe
Young man, black man, I’m a negro
World had to heal, now the world need growth
Cops killin’ blacks when the whites do the most
And your so-called revolution ain’t nothin’ but a post

The Last

Like, those lyrics are a lot of things (personally, I think any righteous messaging is kind of always set off by lines like “Hoes with the drama OD”. Intersection that shit!), but they are absolutely not emo rap.

Also, you knew this world was shitty “When we lost Kobe”? Really?? That was the straw?? Curry has lived through the five million deaths and multiple horrors of the Second Congo War; the War On Terror with all the resulting war crimes and multiple torture; he was similarly unmoved by 9/11; Hezbollah and Israel’s hideous deeds during the 2006 Lebanese War; the genocide of the Darfur conflict; Israel bombing the innocents of the Gaza Strip was white freaking phosphorus; the ongoing Syrian Civil War; Turkey continue to slaughter Kurdish people; the horrors of the Tigray War in Eritrea and Ethiopia; and he was all cool. But a multimillionaire basketball player has an accident? Nah, world, what happened? We used to be cool.

All I can speak to is Denzel being one of the world’s most fascinating and visionary artists working today.

OK, that cover is actually far superior.

Anyway, long story short: Denzel continues to be awesome, as a white boy edgelord I am very much in his wheelhouse, and I can’t wait to hear what he does next (and to see the art it inspires).

I actually made one of these album covers myself. i won’t tell you which one though, you have to guess.


2019 #86

2018 #26


2020 #29

(with Kenny Beats)

Metacritic: 85

Didn’t have space for this, but it has to be commemorated:

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