#73 Caroline Shaw & Attacca Quartet: Evergreen

Would scansion cease to mark the beats if I went away?

And so

Yeah, sorry everyone, but that whole conjuring of forbidden arts took up a lot of my evening, so I’ve not left myself with much time to write about the actual album. Sorry to my loyal readers, but absolutely not to Caroline Shaw – thanks a lot, mate, I’ve got a court date tomorrow to contest my public indecency accusation. How credible are my arguments gong to be if I’m a big fucking pigeon? Didn’t think about that, did you? I’m actually super peeved about this.


2021 #39

(Caroline Shaw, Sō Percussion)

2021 #48

(right, so I *think* this is actually Sō Percussion, Dawn Upshaw, and Gil Kalish *playing the music of Caroline Shaw*. Maybe? i don’t fucking know, man, classical music is confusing)

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