#64 Weeknd: Dawn FM

The Weeknd, man, he was once the most intriguing and mysterious underground artist making revolutionary electronic music since Burial (please remember how I’m pronouncing that). In the slightly more than a decade since first causing underground noise as the anonymous electronic artist creating dank and dingy exposés of the grimy perversions of the apparent high rollers, he has eventually become… the biggest male pop star on the planet?? It’s definitely a valid argument to state that’s the case. And now, rather than singing explicitly and unflinchingly about the secret angst and anxiety of those who are supposed to have it all, he… No. He still pretty much does that. Maybe his biggest ever hit was about taking so much coke that your face goes numb, remember? I mean, we have to say ‘fair fucks’ to him, don’t we?

Here, let’s make it official:

(has the font changed? I have no idea how to sort this out. Again, I blame Caroline Shaw)

Apparently this will be Abel Tesfaye’s last album as the Weeknd, but nobody’s taking that seriously, right? Remember when Jay-Zed said that ‘The Black Album’ would be his final album? That was back in 2003, and it turned out he meant it’d be his final good album, and in that sense he was right on the money. Maybe the ‘Weeknd’ is just a music artist gimmick that will be passed on to someone else to take over the role, like it was Japanese wrestling’s Tiger Mask or Suicide in TNA. Or other non-wrestling things, I guess. Batman! Yeah. that’s an example. Maybe Abel Tesfaye could play Batman and Robert Pattison could play The Weeknd? No, Robert Pattison plays The Weeknd, Abel Tesfaye joins the TNA roster, and Akira Raijin plays Batman? Our first Japanese Batman! Tell me that’s not progress.

Whatever, just thought I’d pay a little respect to a bit of a modern musical legend, and former winner of Necessary Evil (in a year that I didn’t write a list, yes, but it still counts). ‘Dawn FM’ doesn’t have any pop song quite as perfect as Blinding Lights (one song comes damn close though), but it’s a far better album than he’s produced recently. A little overlong, and far too wedded to its 80s pop influences, but an extremely worthwhile addition to the canon of one the most fascinating artists of the last decade.

2013 #46

2011 #1

(OK, so I didn’t write the list that year, but trust me. He was also *kinda* awarded with the 7th best album of the decade though)

Is that is?? I can never quite remember which Weeknd albums made this list…

Metacritic: 88


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