#62 Rosalía: MOTOMAMI

There you go, marks, longterm booking, look it up sometime.

‘MOTOMAMI’ is an astonishingly good album. It has an astonishingly good name, for a start. And a cover… which is also… good… But I’m going to make myself sound like the biggest fucking oik here… Listen, it’s fantastic that the western media is now becoming far less insular (catching up to the general public, who as always are always far more naturally progressive than the larger institutions) and massively widening the styles, the origins, and the languages of the types of pop music that is now deemed acceptable to share with their audience. Despite the massive drawback of being entirely in Spanish, like that was ever an option, it is currently the best reviewed album of the year on Metacritic.

It’s just… I find it really difficult to connect with pop music that’s not in a language I understand! I know, I may as well send in my application for UKIP now. It’s not my fault though! I’m British! You know that the UK was the only country that needed 99 Luftballons to be translated from German before it became a hit?? I rest my case.

Also, ‘MOTOMAMI’ (SAOKO, PAPI, SAOKO!!) contains liberal reggaeton and flamenco influences which, yeah, good for Rosalía for mainstreaming these things, but this music really isn’t my jam. I actually like The Jam. They’re my jam. Three white boys with guitars? Yes please!


Metacritic: 94

Ah, come on now…

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