17 Young Fathers: Cocoa Sugar

Guys, this is the fifth post I’ve written today. You want me to again write at length how fucking awesome Young Fathers are? You already know they’re brilliant! Buy this freaking album! Reward them for their art!


Seriously, you guys, pay for your music. Pay for every album on this list. Support art, not ‘New Tech’.


I considered throwing Young Fathers the win in 2018 in recognition for past achievements. I have no doubt that they’ll win this most cherished of prizes at some point in the future, but ‘Cocoa Sugar’ isn’t quite their masterpiece. It’s still far better than most artists could ever hope to produce, but just lacks that drive and snap that I know the band are capable of.

Remember: Japanese accent; incredibly racist

An absolutely astonishingly brilliant live act. I had always pictured Young Fathers as a quasi-intellectual, muso act, kind of like the hip-hop that Guardian readers are OK to like. Live though, they are just an explosion of movement and energy, and it’s hard to imagine rap being better live than this.


Young Fathers: Wow


Prince & 3rdeyegirl: Wow

Fuck, yes yes yes! It’s so good to have an excuse to listen to this song again! I’m not sure anybody loved ‘Plectrum Electrum‘ as much as me, but, quite honestly, fuck everyone else. Prince doing rock again was absolutely thrilling, and I’d go as far as saying Wow was the last truly amazing song that He released. Young Fathers? Yeah, their Wow (“What a time to be alive!”) is pretty good too, but it’s no contest, really.



36 minutes

It… feels longer… but in a good way…

Previous Entries

2014 (No.2)

2015 (No.12)



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