47 Superorganism: Superorganism

We have to stop talking about ‘The Internet’ like it’s a distinct and separate thing, a place somehow separate to everything else. We need to stop talking about ‘The Internet’  in the same way we talk about that time I wet my pants ‘at the zoo’ or that time I wet my pants ‘at Kew Gardens’ or that time I wet my pants ‘at the UN National Assembly’. Also, we need to stop talking about the times I wet my pants, can we not talk about your day for a change??


‘The Internet’ is no longer this curious and hidden alternative to reality used only by weirdos to secretly find what other depraved people near them also believe that Star Wars was never really that fucking good in the first place*. ‘The Internet’ is now just ‘Everything’. It has no unique facets or distinctive characteristics, it’s just ‘The World’.

(*People, come on! It’s an absolutely fine movie, but nothing more! You’re allowing your nostalgia to blind you to the truth, and no matter how many Star Wars movies Disney churn out and no matter how good they are, they will never live up to your expectations. What you’re really subconsciously looking for is to feel like you did when you were a child again. That’s never going to happen. Grow up. Or kill yourself. I mean, I have to officially say that I don’t support suicide, but, I dunno, I’d say the disability that was the result of my last suicide attempt actually inspired some pretty positive changes in my life. So…. it might be pretty win/win… I joke, I joke: don’t kill yourself, it’s very likely to ruin at least one person’s day, and that’s a pretty dick move, don’t you think?)

‘The Internet’ isn’t some dangerous, toxic, unlawful place. ‘The World*’ is that dangerous, toxic place. The things you hate about the internet (bigotry, greed, sexual deviancy, Rick Astley) didn’t organically sprout from some mainframe in Kolkata, these are things that human beings did in the real world. ‘Internet Nazis’ are just ‘Nazis’, and there’s no need to specify which particular medium they used to be all Nazi in. We don’t call Hitler a ‘Tannoy Nazi. There was no dimension shift between Rick and Morty fans demanding Szechuan sauce online and them angrily protesting at actual McDonald’s sites in the outside world. These people aren’t ‘Internet Cretins’. They’re just ‘Cretins’. And the reason ‘The Internet’ has this lawless, outlaw feel is that it has grown at a far greater rate than legislation has been able (or competent enough) to cover. We are only now starting to possibly wonder maybe thinking about whether platforms as big as Facebook and Twitter might need more control


(*The first world. Wah! Wah! Privilege alarm! Wah!)

Framing ‘The Internet’ as a bad place because of the bad things that happen on it is as useful as saying Austria is a failed state because of Josef Fritzl. Bad things happen on ‘The Internet’, because bad things happen in ‘The World’. And by extent every wonderful, vital and empowering thing that gets you through the day and affirms your love of live in ;The World’ is also on ‘The Internet’. And there’s not a better album in 2018 for affirming how much you love everything than ‘Superorganism’

Superorganism came together as a band with members from England, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand managing to collaborate and share ideas in a way that would be impossible without the universal communication potential of ‘The Internet’, and their sound gloriously resembles this hotch potch of diverse ideas and perspectives.The sound is not dissimilar to what you’d imagine The Avalanches would sound like if they’d had too many coffees, only Superorganism clearly love making music too much to take 46 years to release a follow-up. Superorganism’s trump card and their real USP, however, is Orono Noguchi (OJ). OJ’s laconic and disinterested vocals are essential to the band’s sound. No matter how zany or ridiculous the music gets, OJ’s disregard always gives the impression that she understands how dumb this whole thing is, which somehow gives listeners permission to love it. No matter where Superorganism go from here, Orono Noguchi is an absolute star.

Remember, that’s supposed to be said in a REALLY offensive accent, and you should be ashamed of yourself

So. Much. Fun. I can’t remember the last time I smiled at anything for an hour. I can’t remember the last time I smiled, actually. Despite the theatrics, the visuals, and the dancing, Orono Noguchi was such a magnetic stage presence that I don’t think I took my eyes off her*. At the end of the gig, OJ was so energised by the crowd’s reaction that she decided to end the set by crowd surfing on an inflatable shark (It was that sort of gig). She managed to surf on the shark for a good minute or so, before falling off and being swallowed up by the crowd. I never saw her again, so I can only assume she’s dead…

(*No! Not in a gross way! At least… I don’t think in a gross way… I am pretty gross…)


Montero: Performer


Sharing Superorganism’s euphoria and unrestricted experimentation, along with their relentless positivity, but without the essential counteract of OJ’s voice. As a result, a little too much







33 Minutes

Pretty perfect, as just as it feels you might be getting a bit tired of their whole shtick, the album finishes.


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