71 Andy Burns: Excited

“And when she clings to you/She channels the girl/The one from the Ringu”

Christ, that line could actually about the Phew album couldn’t it?? Hang on, is that racist? I feel like perhaps that’s racist. Scrap that last bit…

Nothing in my life has terrified me as much as that scene

Aaaaaaaaaaah! My God, Andy Burns, I love you so much! After struggling with the jagged angles of the- at times- freaking horrendous Phew album, I can’t tell you how relieving it was to come to an album as congenial and easy to listen as ‘Excited’


I’m not good enough a music journalist to explain why ‘Excited’ is so good. Anyway, I’ve explained/droned on many occasions in the past about how music journalism is fucking bullshit. ‘Excited’ is just a lovely, lovely, lovely album.

It’s a very different sort of art than Phew. Burns knows exactly what notes to hit and what tricks to pull to make his understated and accessible indie pop as lovable as possible.

Does this make it a some how less ‘legitimate’ piece of art than Phew’s obstinate complication of an album?

Pffff, yeah, maybe, probably. Who cares? ‘Excited’ is a hell of a lot more enjoyable.


Andy Burns: Good Grief


As you already know, Prince is the only artist to have two albums on a single Necessary Evil countdown. For an artist to achieve this astonishing feat, he or she would have to release two brilliant records in the same year that are categorically different from each other. Unfortunately for Mr. Burns, he doesn’t quite achieve this feat, as I consider ‘Good Grief’ to be mostly similar to ‘Excited’, just (in my opinion!) slightly inferior. Buy them both though, make your own decision.


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