46 Andrew Bird: Echolocations: River

Echoes of Locating a Cool Red

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Aaaaaah, Andrew Bird- ‘Birdo’ as I call him, or ‘Birdman’, or ‘Big Bird’, or ‘Slammin’ Andy’ if I’m not into the whole ‘feathery’ thing: we’re good friends- has been a repeat offender of past Necessary Evils. I occasionally forget about him for a few albums, but then discover his latest release and discover him still producing music of such consistent quality that I curse myself for ever letting him slip from my consideration. He’s like that cool uncle whose infreuent visits you always enjoy and, while he’s scoring you premium grade memthaphetamine and letting you rifle through his collection of vintage mid 1980s porno mags, you wonder why your parents never think of inviting him round more often

‘River’ is the second of his ‘Echolocations’ records and the first I’d been made aw


been made aware of. The ‘Echolocations’ records are instrumental albums where The Birdmeister removes himself vocally from the process (meaning we lose a voice that, if we’re being honest, was never one of the main selling points of his music) and focuses on his incredible work with violins. I mean, there isn’t even any whistling on this album, which for a long time Birdometer fan is like playing the latest Lana Del Ray album and her never once either putting on or taking off a red dress. Each record’s name also points to the nature (geddit?) of field music that the collection is recorded under. The locations of the echoes you might be able to pick up: are you following? The first such collection was called ‘Echolocations: Canyon’, which was chiefly recorded in- get this- a canyon, and now ‘Echolocations: River’, recorded in an underpass next to the Los Angeles River.

Were the inevitable tramps sleeping there treated to a live recital, or were they rather cynically and forcefully moved on? I feel knowing the truth behind that would greatly effect my appreciation of the album one way or the other.

The series continues in 2019 with ‘Echolocations: Rock’, which will be the rock music recorded on a rock in the Rocky Valleys featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (which I worry may be overdoing it slightly), before the fourth album in the series is simply titled ‘Echolocations: Poo’, which will be recorded in just, like, a big pile of poo. I worry that Birdy might not be putting as much thought into his future releases in the se


(Indeed I did)


img_20180309_074143.jpg208617306.jpg*spent. Can’t be arsed correcting that… #professionalunder-taker4.jpg.jpgmark-calaway-11.jpg.jpg


Ah, the Gingers, always so nice when they visit

This album is really, really good


Age: 44 (+10)

Album Length: 40 minutes (+6)

Very Good Songs: 3 (+6)

Brilliant Songs: 5 (+25)

AMAZING Songs: 0

% of Album Worthwhile: 100




Eugh… Listen, Bird Baby Bird, I get it, I know what arty-farty nonsense is supposed to be going on there, but it is so freaking dull!!


Previous Entries: 2009 No.19, 2016 No.28

Meta Critic: n/a

People gave up reviewing Bird’s albums about 5 years ago, so he wins himself +50 for becoming a niche

Undertaker points:

I feel like I may have been a little too hard on The Gingers, so the Underbirder can have 3 points for each of Mark Calaway’s ‘Mania wins before the streak was broken


And, erm, another +20 because I did my maths wrong… Just, like, general Undertaker points…





*That’s the sound a keyboard makes, when you thwack and twunk the keys, yeah? Get your heads out of the freaking gutter!



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