15 Abi Reimold: Wriggling

Life, in and of itself, isn’t worth living



I mean, maybe it is: my life is certainly just about worth living


and maybe your life is worth living. In fact I’d bet that all the people reading this- all three or four of you- have lives that are definitely worth living


This is because your life was made to be worth living though, through the hard work that both you and those close to you have put into it: you’ve ensured that your life is worth living, and you should be very proud of that





‘Life’ on its own is worth next to nothing, and as a concept we should stop celebrating it. What people put into life makes it ocassionally wonderful, and it’s the people who we should be celebrating. Saying that ‘life’ is worthwhile in and of itself is like looking at ‘Guernica’ by Picasso and praising the canvas




When people claim that simple existence is somehow worth celebrating, what they’re actually saying is


and egotistically denying the existence of anyone else’s struggles


Guess what: sometimes life isn’t great, sometimes every single second of existence is a painful struggle for reasons both physical and mental. People can’t accept that perhaps life is like a box of chocolates, in that you’ll ocassionally get people who really don’t like chocolate, and maybe even have medical reasons they can’t appreciate eating it. We should never glorify suicide, but we need to start understanding how tempting it can be for a person unsuited for the endless and gloryless grind of existence



‘Wriggling’ is a primal, harrowing, intense, beautiful and sometimes exhausting masterpiece that confronts how difficult it can sometimes be to locate worth in life


It makes a lot of sense that much of the album as written two years ago when Abi turned 21: becoming legally an adult for the first time- which happens three years later in America, because they’re naturally a slower people to develop- can often spark a debilitating self assessment, as a first introduction to adulthood and the state you’re expected to exist within for the next 50+ years is an often horrific disappointment


i might be wrong

I’ve maybe listened to ‘Wriggling’ 3’876 times since its release, and still each spin reveals new complexity and depths, and can be either a depressing or an uplifting experience, depending on which lyric fragment or musical flourish that happens to catch my ear. It’s undoubtedly a masterpiece, and should perhaps be pushing the top 5, or even fourth (that’s as high as it could possibly go, as the top three are absolutely set in stone)



Metacritic: Nope…

Length: 37 minutes +9

Number of AMAZING songs: 2 (+20)

…But Are All the Rest of the Songs a Kind of Intense Emotional Rollercoaster That Churns Your Guts Up and Fires Your Soul? Yes +140

Is the last song just the first track but played on Ukulele? No -1

Total: 552


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