93 Angel Olsen: My Woman



So there’s the Olsen Twins, yeah? And there’s that one in the ‘Avengers’ film with the magic ability to do absolute anything that the plot requires at that moment, and now there’s Angel Olsen, so how many of them are there in total? Is it four different Olsen’s? Or is there actually just one Olsen, and our belief that there are more is a shadowy conspiracy by the Illuminati/Jews to hide Barack Hussein Obama’s real birthplace in order to pretend that Tupac is dead?


That’s what people mean by the way. When they say ‘Illuminati’ they actually mean ‘Jews’. Bloody Political Correctness gone mad



Yeah, I’m sticking with that picture, sorry cats


‘My Woman’ is frequently brilliant, though it is one of those rare albums that’s considerably better on shuffle than on standard play


the album ‘My Woman’, I mean, not my woman


My woman- and trust me when I say this, fellas- is fucking rarely brilliant, and with her endless nagging I wish she would shuffle out of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








‘My woman’ is, of course, my mother, and getting served like that is the least she deserves considering the laughably paltry pocket money I’m expected to live on



Mary-Kate’s album is roughly 50% garage rock and 50% atmospheric beauty, with Ashley showing herself equally adept at either



Not been many great long songs so far (cough) this year, have there? But ‘My Woman’ offers up two gorgeous seven minuters




The reason MK only gets points for one though, is the reason behind her album’s biggest failing. The 7:32 Woman appears almost immediately after the 7:44 Sister, as Ashley decided to place all of the uptempo songs towards the start of the album, so the pace screeching to a halt towards the album’s end is all the more pronounced. While I understand the concept, in practice it just means that the album artificially sounds as if it goes on for ages, and played in the suggested order forces the album to lose a lot of variety. Album scheduling has rarely been this poorly thought out since Radiohead thought it was a good idea to follow the slow acoustic High and Dry with the similarly slow and acoustic but infinitely superior Fake Plastic Trees on ‘The Bends’




This isn’t going to be a popular opinion- but I’m an ugly ginger man who drinks too much mask his crippling depression so I’m used to being disliked- but I honestly fail to see anything on ‘My Woman’ that isn’t done 1000 times better on the amazing album by Abi Reimold


Metacritic: +87

Length 47 minutes –1

Best Lyric: ‘You find the black tube inside her beauty case/Where she keeps your father’s old prison letters/You desperately want to look like her/You look nothing like your mother/You look everything like your mother’ +1

Is the last song just the first track but played on Ukulele? No -1

Total 81

FAR too many pictures once again:





Live Review: Father John Misty, Angel Olsen at New York City’s Central Park SummerStage (8/5)



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