11: Grimes: Art Angels

Claire Boucher is an absolute motherfucker, releasing her fourth album as Grimes in early November and forcing me to attempt to force feed the work into my brain, employing young Victorian urchins to shovel piles of it into my ears for 20 hours a day as I considered whether the work deserved a place on this list, the most desired attainment in the business.


…and it absolutely does, ‘Art Angels’ is an absolute masterpiece that I imagine will be regarded in the future as one of 2015’s most significant albums, maybe one of the decade’s. I have a feeling that if this were released in June it would be number 1 on this list, it demands infinitely more time poured into it than I have managed. Grimes possesses the astonishing ability to shine as both an experimental avant-garde art project and also retain the ability to craft absolutely irrefutable perfect pop. There are whole dissertations to be written on the way Grimes subverts and exposes sexist ideas and assumptions of females in pop music, but I feel after less than a month clutching this album close to my breast has afforded me time ‘only’ to marvel at the astonishing production, incredible ambition, and the songs themselves which are…




In the future Grimes will be regarded as maybe the most critical and substantial artist of the 2010s, so you may as well get on board now.

‘Fun’ Fact: The online music magazine Pitchfork once described Grimes as a ‘human Tumblr’. Honestly, we should organise a boycott or something…

‘Human Tumblr’? What does that even mean?? I have no fucking idea, to be honest I’m not 100% sure what ‘Tumblr’ is. I’m also struggling to recommend just one song here, the album is just hit after hit, maybe just start with the single ‘Flesh Without Blood

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