22: Hot Chip: Why Make Sense?

Little about Hot Chip makes much sense, they have long seemed too bizarre an anomaly to be easily fit into any scene or genre: you just can’t blast out anthems to the dance kids when you look like you could list off your favourite ‘Magic: The Gathering’ card to be played in any one of the top 50 most common gaming scenarios, while you can never truly be accepted by the hipster nerds when your throwing out tunes as banging as ‘Dark Knight‘ or the absolutely stunning ‘Huarache Lights‘ (that opens here and that the album consequently struggles a little to live up to). ‘Why Make Sense’ is almost a mid-life crisis of an album, asking whether it’s actually still normal to just want to pursue fun while approaching middle age, and whether there’s any point in doing so anyway. As the title implies though there’s really little need to over analyse such basic human desires: we’ve had many examples of music that’s referred to as ‘dance music you can’t dance to’, well ‘Why Make Sense’ is dance music you can dance to but made for people who really shouldn’t, yet do it anyway.

hot chip

‘Fun’ Fact: Huarache lights are trainers I’m far too old to think are unbelievably cool

I wonder if any of these tracks would work perfectly on Shane Meadows’ ‘This Is England 90’: Funny you should mention that, because ‘Need You Now‘ has the definite and bewitching stench of Shelley’s Laserdome in Stoke-on-Trent sometime at the turn of the decade.

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