29: Miguel: Wildheart

Remember when I said there had been at least two brilliant Prince albums released this year? You don’t?? It was in the actual Prince review! There really is no point creating these marvellous interlocking segues if you’re just not going to pay attention! No, don’t go back and look for it, it was really only that one sentence and it doesn’t really bear the effort. Well anyway: I said it, and this is one of them. Although the comparisons are inevitable Miguel is one of the faces of an enthralling new strand of R’n’B that has blossomed recently, a strand that never takes its eyes off its influences but still crafts music that represent new creative highs for the entire genre. I’m generally heterosexual and generally male, yet after listening to ‘Wildheart’ sultrily and explicitly dry hump my ear for 46 minutes I still became pregnant more than a dozen times and tweeted Miguel so many naked pictures I’m actually due in court a week next Tuesday. If he concentrated more on the brash and provocative modern rethinks of ‘Dirty Mind’ rather than AOR nonsense like face the sun (sic)’ then he could get amazing.


‘Fun’ Fact: Miguel was born the day before Wayne Rooney and both their lives and personalities have proceeded down remarkably similar paths.

Pfff, sounds a bit gay to me mate: If you don’t finish listening to ‘the valley (sigh, sic again, Miguel hates his capitals)’ with a deep yearning to at least spend a night in Miguel’s bed then you’re only lying to yourself

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