30: Joanna Newsom: Divers

No! No! No! I need more time! I need more time! Can’t we put the end of 2015 back a few months this year? I’m sure if we did list in June 2016 rather than November/December this year I would spend far more time drowned inside this album and feel far more qualified to speak of how magnificent it is. And it will be magnificent, I’m certain, once I’ve listened to it maybe a dozen more times, once I’ve picked through the dozens of layers that obviously lie here, at the moment unfortunately I can only legitimately call it ‘very, very, very, very good’. While her last album was a ridiculous 3CDs of intense work that not one person alive had time for, ‘Divers’ is a far more dynamic attempt, rather than any massive revolution in sound it merely attempts to condense all the many disparate and intriguing strands of her musical career so far into a brisk 56 minutes (‘brisk’ by Newsom standards: it takes her 3 hours to brush her teeth and do her first morning dump). I’m in no position to talk though: talk to me in 12 months and this will be my favourite album of 2015.

joanna newsom

‘Fun’ Fact: You’ve probably got ideas of the type of family Joanna grew up in. Well, they forbade her from watching TV or listening to the radio so you’re right: that type.

Aaaaaaah! We’re running out of time here! Just recommend a song you feel best represents the album, quick! Aaaaaaah! Erm, er, I guess ‘Divers‘ is halfway through and, erm, it’s the title track and everything

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