34: Charli XCX: Sucker

It’s strange to think that Charli XCX’s complete omnipresence is a relatively recent thing, her reign of pop terror only really starting when Icona Pop’s version of her penned song ‘I Love It‘ was at first cheerfully agreeable and then irritatingly inescapable a couple of years ago. It peaked this summer when Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy‘ was such a bewilderingly huge hit that the OCC erected a 12 foot tall bronze statue of a big steaming dump in recognition of its success. Perhaps it’s just the confidence she performs with, obviously convinced that she was a star years before any record sales backed her up, maybe it’s just comes naturally to singers from Sweden, as you mistakenly believe she is. ‘Sucker’ deals only in extremes: everything on it is either outrageously brilliant (the wondrous twisted doo-wop of the album’s closer) or unforgivably awful (‘London Queen‘ may well be the lowest point in recorded music up to this point) but whatever the results Charli is obviously more interested in bending accepted pop culture to her whims rather than conforming to it, and pop is all the luckier for it.

‘Fun’ Fact: If ‘Boom Clap‘ really was the sound of your heart it’d be a serious medical issue

Meh, I’ve heard that ‘Boom Clap‘ song a lot but I’m not really a fan: Then you’re obviously a cretin who’s just lying to himself.

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