33: Sway: Deliverance (The Story Of)

Hard to believe this is only Derek Safo’s third studio album, he seems like a veteran elder statesman of British hip hop even if he’s never collected the record sales his obvious talent and standing deserve. It should come as no surprise that ‘Deliverance’ exhibits the crisp production and self assured swagger of an artist roughly 17’986’964 times bigger than Sway actually is, and equally predictable is Sway remaining one of the best technical rappers working today, shooting off brilliant wordplay at occasionally dazzling speeds. The actual songs sometimes fall short of the outstanding production and Sway’s considerable presence, and the album dips markedly when the more poignant attempts sometimes veer off into schmaltz, but ‘Deliverance’ remains an extremely accomplished if eminently skippable set.

‘Fun’ Fact: Sway’s debut ‘This is My Demo‘ is absolutely one of the best rap albums ever.

Hey! Aaron Eckhart is in this episode of Fraiser! Must have been quite an early acting appearance by him: I worry you’re not paying enough attention, turn on ‘Blow It‘ and get your head back in the game

Album Link

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