32: Blur: The Magic Whip

Blur’s first album for 12 years (and first with Graham Coxon for 16) is far better than it has any real right to be, only really veering off into the embarrassingly crude approximation you might have feared it’d turn out like when they attempt to ape the music they made while at the height of their mid-90s relevance (you’ll be glad to hear Danny Dyer isn’t called upon to perform Phil Daniels duties). It can occasionally veer too clumsily between the sombre moroseness more associated with Albarn’s solo records and more throwaway attempts at flippancy, but mainly it’s clear the band still retain an uncanny ability to craft beautiful music.

‘Fun’ Fact: Alex James was once in the catastrophic yet mercifully short-lived ‘super group’ Me Me Me. He should never be allowed to forget that

If the band are about to attempt to break into the Chinese market, do you think they should push My Terracotta Heart‘ as their main single? Oh no, I think ‘Pyongyang‘ is far more suited.

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