39: Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment: Surf

Chance the Rapper is a brilliant example of post-capitalism, asking for no money from fans for his musical releases as he makes his living entirely from touring, even acknowledging his existence is an admission to failure in front of the oncoming revolution and next year the only way you’ll be able to get a copy of the next album by even your favourite artist Marti Pellow is if you turn up to the front door of the YMCA he sleeps at in person and trade him a tote bag of heroin for a private performance. The band of collaborators Social Experiment’s debut ‘Surf’ is the first studio album (released for free on iTunes) of any sort chiefly by CTR and despite (or perhaps because of) its extraordinary ambitions it can’t help but sound insignificant and weightless on first listens, bogged down by horrendously MOR production that sands off any rough edges the sound really deserves. The record is designed to convey levity though, so it’s unassuming flippancy is entirely intentional and it rewards repeated listens as it’s more subtle genius shines, it’s a record that deserves whole months to be lost into. In the end though despite its high quality it can’t help but sound a rather throwaway release more designed to show off the talents of CTR’s friends.

‘Fun’ Fact: Chance the Rapper was born almost a week before Macedonia was admitted into the UN, so don’t believe any of the shit he says about how he remembers it

That was another one of those half-arsed reviews where I couldn’t actually tell if you liked it or not: Don’t be so fucking ridiculous, it has its faults but I definitely like it, ‘Slip Slide‘ being one of its many high points

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