38: Richard Hawley: Hollow Meadows

Aaaaaaww, no there’s absolutely no problems here is there? Hawley maintains his not inconsiderable track record of producing songs that would sound out of place neither on a Nick Cave album nor a Radio 2 day time playlist. This may be the album on this list your Dad is most likely to own but that doesn’t mean it’s not 11 tracks of melodic perfection coated in achingly gorgeous arrangements, and it’s all as unbearably smooth as the 8 pounds of pomade he slicks into his hair every morning.

‘Fun’ Fact: Despite being 48, Hawley is still a little younger than you think

I saw Hawley going into WH Smiths once. Actually, that was in Great Yarmouth so I’m not entirely convinced it was him… Regardless, what song would you recommend to remind me of that momentous time? Heart of Oak

Album Link


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