55: Briana Marela: All Around Us

Aaaaaawww, this album is just so sweet and lovely that I want to pinch Briana Marela’s cheek between my thumb and knuckle and wobble it adoringly until the muscle comes off in my hand in a bloody fleshy lump (hmm, got a little bit dark there didn’t it?). I can’t find Briana Marela’s listed age anywhere online, but listening to the child-like emotion and wonder on show I can only assume that actually she’s about 8 years old and by admitting to my affections I have placed myself on some sort of register. The music is never less than lovely, and though there’s a certain lightness to the album that may place it on the wrong side of consequential Marela is always just the right amount of odd to always keep it interesting.

‘Fun’ Fact: ‘All Around Us’ was recorded in Reykjavik, like every fucking album ever.

Child-like, aye? Do you know I have a recurring dream where I drown a succession of toddlers in my sink? Um… OK… Listen to ‘Friend Tonight‘ and see if it helps

Album Link

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